About Us

About the ladies of Key Bliss


In August 2013, first day of senior year at the University Of North Dakota, Heather McAtee and Jessica Bollinger met for the very first time. Both studying in the School of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship, they both had huge dreams and high hopes of starting their own business someday.


Having every single class and group project together, they realized that the “projects” they had been working on in class actually had great potential to become a reality. Through countless hours of number crunching, researching, and hard work, they had created an extensive business plan for an online women’s clothing boutique. After feedback from classmates, peers, and professors, they found that Key Bliss is a viable business idea and decided to pursue it. Nine months later, Heather and Jess excitedly received their first box of inventory. The week after graduation, Key Bliss Boutique proudly (and nervously) launched it’s website on June 2nd, 2014. Key Bliss was officially in business!!!


When launching an online exclusive clothing boutique, Heather and Jess wanted to reach ladies not only on a local level, but most importantly on a national level. The most exciting part of being online is the amount of people you can actually reach! Eight months after launching, they had officially reached their goal… shipping to ALL 50 states + Canada! Yes, even Hawaii and Alaska.


After a couple of pop-up shops in Grand Forks, amazing feedback and encouragement from customers in the community, and finding the absolute perfect retail location… Key Bliss Grand Forks opened it’s doors on March 6th, 2015. To this day, Key Bliss Boutique is a thriving small business both online and in-store.


Background on Heather & Jess:


Born and raised in Grand Forks, ND, Jessica always had a passion for business. While attending class at Red River High School, she had taken several business courses and was a member of DECA. After graduating in 2010, she was thrilled to enter college at the University of North Dakota as a Business major. While taking courses in several different areas of the Business school, she felt particularly drawn to the Entrepreneurship department. Running a business became a new dream of hers. Fall of 2013, she officially switched to become an Entrepreneurship major.


Growing up in small town Rolla, North Dakota, (population 1,300) Heather had very limited options for shopping. She would do the majority of her shopping online, and the rest of the time she would have to take a weekend and drive 2 or 3 hours just to be in the same vicinity as a shopping mall. After many hours of research and brainstorming, she knew that opening up an online women’s clothing boutique is what she wanted to do. Having the convenience of getting the perfect outfit delivered right to your doorstep was the goal she wanted to achieve.


Both parents being role model business owners, she got the full support and encouragement she needed to really move forward and follow her family’s footsteps. Heading to business school and learning the basic business practices was her next step.


Attending college at the University of North Dakota was such a blessing for both Heather and Jess. Never in a million years did they EVER imagine they would cross paths and form an actual partnership, let alone launch a business when being only 22 years young. They feel as though their drive for success, strong communication skills, and love for business & fashion will be the perfect combination to make the success story they have always dreamt of.